Jessica Lee is a Los Angeles based model, actress, host, inspiring influencer, motivational speaker and active volunteer. Her recent work includes being featured in a global ad campaign for United Airlines, model #16 on Deal or No Deal hosted by Howie Mandel and guest appearances on General Hospital. In her role as “Sweet 16” on Deal or No Deal, J Lee emerged as one of the stars of the show given her charisma, empathy and unique ability to connect with the contestants and the audience.

J Lee was born in Seoul, Korea and raised in Colorado before moving to Los Angeles. She has a very diverse set of talents and interests including behavioral and neuroscience, avid reading, yoga, health & fitness, fashion, dance, art, music and sign language. She has a passion for working with and inspiring kids and is the co-chair of a non-profit literacy program that serves low income and high needs elementary schools.

As a huge humanitarian, J Lee has a passion for giving back and helping those in need. She has volunteered, partnered and worked with nonprofits and charities for over 10 years including Reading for Kids, The Brail Institute, Venice Family Clinic, Children’s Hospital, Gobble Gobble Drive and Operation Santa to name a few and has partnered with names like Target and Project Angel Food as well. She also initiated, organized and hosted a 700-meal Thanksgiving dinner last year for hundreds of families who lost their homes and were impacted by the Southern California fires.

J Lee has an interest in collaborating with high quality brands and products that align with her interests and passion to make a real difference in the world. She has a rapidly growing IG following and strong engagement from her followers. A few quotes from her followers:

"When dreams are paired with passion, hope and tenacity, they become an undeniable force" - JLee

“I so love your heart. You are such an encourager,a light-bringer as well as a light-bearer”@carrylrobinson

“You have such a beautiful heart, so proud of you!”@luarakarklinadancer

“You are one of the most inspiring people I have ever connected with”@facelessman93

“Another truly inspiring post from our ‘Deal or No Deal’ Sweet 16!”@christopherteoh9936

“Jessica, your charisma, empathy and ability to connect with others is like nothing I have ever seen”@russ1115

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