Jessica Lee is a Los Angeles based model, actress, host, self-improvement coach, humanitarian, and active volunteer. Her recent work includes being featured in a global ad campaign for United Airlines, and model #16 on the new Deal or No Deal hosted by Howie Mandel. In her role as “Sweet 16” on Deal or No Deal, J Lee emerged as one of the stars of the show given her charisma, empathy, and unique ability to connect with the contestants and the audience.

J Lee is an Asian-American adoptee, adopted from Seoul, Korea and raised in Colorado before moving to Los Angeles. She has a remarkably diverse set of talents and interests including behavioral and neuroscience, avid reading, yoga, health & fitness, fashion, dance, art, music, creative design, and of course acting and modeling. She has a passion for working with and inspiring kids and is the co-chair of a non-profit literacy program that serves low income and high needs elementary schools.

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